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Rio Tour - Guide to Flamengo Park

Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes Park, also known as Aterro do Flamengo, is the largest leisure area in Rio de Janeiro.

The park is man made from land masses taken in the 1950s from the neighborhood of Santo Antonio, an old neighborhood in the centre of Rio de Janeiro.
Where the immense land masses were removed, the streets of Av. Republica do Chile and Av. Republica were developed in the 1960s .

Flamengo Park was designed by the famous landscape architect Burle Marx.
Inaugurated in 1965 it is a rather new area with immense 1.200.000 m², and stretches from Botafogo to Museum of Modern art close to Gloria and the city centre.
It is a good place for a walk and provides a great view of the Sugarloaf and Guanabara Bay.

Places to see in the park are Museum of Modern art, founded 1948, and the monument in honor of the victims from WWII.

Included in the park are tracks for roller blades, football pitches and volleyball courts.

Even though the park is close to the bay and has good looking beache - Guanabara Bay is very polluted and as there is limited water circulation.
Flamengo Beach is not suited for a swim!

If you were to visit the park you should also visit the neighborhood of Flamengo.
This neighborhood is much older than Copacabana and has a lot of atmosphere, with many classical buildings.

To get to the park you just take the metro to Flamengo Station.
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