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Guide to Buzios - Rio de Janeiro

Small fishing boats on a beach in Búzios.
Boats in Buzios
Boats in Buzios

Currently Buzios has a very rustic and sophisticated atmosphere. Its guests are primarily Spanish speakers from middle or higher economic classes, with most of them arriving from Argentina or Uruguay. Buzios is a combination of historical charm, provided by its nature, and modern capitalism.
Even though there are not many multination companies here, sale of tours and artworks is to be found everywhere.
If you are looking for a place to stay "away from it all", just enjoying nature, Buzios is not as calm as it appears on the pictures.

History of Buzios

Until recently Buzios has been a small fisherman city without any booming industry.
Its history stretches back more than a millennium with native Indians occupying the area.
The historical city one sees today dates back to 1740 when this area got an establishment for fishing and extraction of whale oil.

The full name Buzios dos Armacao comes from the Carcasses of whales on one of the famous beaches with the name armacao (meaning "carcass" in Portuguese).
One of the beaches next to Armacao is the beach names ossos (meaning bones) where bones from whales got buried.

Only in the 1960s the place got discovered by tourism. One boost of this is also accredited to Brigitte Bardot visiting the city in 1964.
As the international media followed Bardot they came to Buzios giving the city free advertisement.
In exchange for this there has been erected a statue of Bardot.

As seen in picture of the left there are many places to walk comfortable in Buzios and the scenery is impeccable.

Statue erected in honor of the fishermen of Buzios
Buzios Statue
Buzios statue

Currently the seamen seem to have more business with taking the tourists for a boat trip.

Buzios has far to many beaches to mention here.
All the way from the early entrance of the city, where larger and often very windy beaches have larger summer residences nearby, you will encounter beaches.

In the center of Buzios there are many smaller beaches like these seen here, where smaller boats make up the scenery.

In addition to these there are many boats offering personalized boat trips.
And many other beaches for whom prefer a smaller beach to relax.

This is basically what Buzios is. If small charming beaches appeal to you it can be worth a visit.
If you prefer bigger cities with larger beaches - a city close by is Cabo Frio, where you can stay in a Hotel and make it a day-trip to Buzios from there.
If you go very early you can also make it a day or a two day trip from the city of Rio de Janeiro.

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