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I have written some information about places you can visit in Rio de Janeiro - Tour Spots Rio.
As a Licensed tour guide for Rio de Janeiro I can put together a tour based on your interests.
Currently I'm not working in the tourism industry in Rio de Janeiro but can give advice about tours in general, unbiased.

Most common places to visit are the following.

Tour to Christ the Redeemer (Corcovado)

There are two ways to access the statue of Christ the Redeemer.
One is to take the train from the Cosme Velho station (Cosme Velho, 513).
Taking the route from there will give you an internal view of Tijuca Forest, a large urban rainforest. However, all you basically see is trees.

Second option is to drive further up to Paineiras station where one get to the statue by shuttle bus.
The second is by far the best option (currently you also will save R$18 per adult).
With my tour we use by default option 2 as it saves time and gives opportunity to visit Dona Marta (unless it is a very busy day).
With a private tour guide in Rio de Janeiro there are numerous options in combination with Christ the Redeemer.
With car you do save time, save money on the trip and most importantly if one has time you also get to see the view from Dona Marta. .

The view Dona Marta
After Corcovado - this view point gives the best view of the entrance to Rio de Janeiro.
From this height of 364 meters this place also gives a more up close view of the Sugarloaf.
This is a view that should not be missed and is difficult to visit with non-private tours.

Tour option: Corcovado + Sugarloaf
Please note that due to traffic this combination takes more than 4 hours.

This famous symbol of Rio de Janeiro also is also located where the City got founded.
A tour to Sugar Loaf can be in combination with Corcovado mentioned above or in a combination of numerous other locations.
As with Christ the Redeemer it is advisable to be early. The lines are much smaller before 10 am and the light is much better for pictures.

Tour option: Corcovado + City Tour
Second option in Connection to Corcovado is a City Tour with various options.
One of the options is what can be considered the finest example of Baroque architecture in Rio de Janeiro.
The Church of Montserrat connected to the Sao Bento Monastery

It must be said that the city is not "pretty" in the sense that Paris, London or even Buenos Aires are.
Its history is also relative short if one sees from a European perspective.
In my opinion you can stay for two weeks in Rio without vistting downtown.

Christ the Redeemer and Tijuca forest or Santa Teresa
Beyond above mentioned tours there are more viewpoints to be recommended and are a bit difficult to access.
The Chinese view in Tijuca forest and the view from Leblon are such examples.
Also to be experienced are the neighborhood of Santa Teresa. It is a famous historical neighborhood with great view to the city.
Use contact form to the left and I can put together a tour to fit your interests.

Other Tours in Rio de Janeiro
In the state of Rio de Janeiro there are numerous cities to visit.
Also within the city of Rio de Janeiro there are too many places of interest to mention here.
I can even provide walking tour of the Historical Rio.

For more information about the cities and tour spots within the city of Rio de Janeiro see our Tour Spots Rio Page.

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